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Safe Drinking Water is Essential - Watershed Management

The umbrella is like a watershed; it collects everything that falls into it. Waterways within the watershed all feed into that main body of water, which could be a river, lake, or stream. The beginnings of a water source are called headwaters. The spot where headwaters progressively join other water sources is called the confluence , and the endpoint of the waterways that open into the main body of water is called the mouth source: Environmental Protection Agency.

To return to the umbrella example, imagine now that there are three groups of umbrellas.

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One group of large umbrellas the basin sits on the ground, while another group of smaller umbrellas watersheds floats above them, with a hole in the bottom of each. Yet another group of even smaller umbrellas catchments floats above those, also with a hole in the bottom of each. A watershed is defined as an area of land where all the surface water drains into the same place, whether it's a creek, a stream, a river or an ocean.

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Therefore, all precipitation, such as rain or snow, that falls on a watershed ends up flowing to the same place. There are two major types of watersheds, open and closed. An open watershed eventually drains into the ocean, whereas water in a closed watershed can escape only by evaporating or seeping into the earth. With the exception of some small watersheds in the Prairies and British Columbia, most watersheds in Canada are open.

The rain that falls in the St.

King County watershed information

Lawrence River watershed, for example, winds up in the St. To find information about a specific watershed, river or stream, use King County's watershed, river and stream map to find it. Introduction to watersheds A general overview of watersheds, what they are and why they are valuable.


King County basin stewards Basin stewards are watershed experts who help citizens by solving watershed related problems and providing answers to their questions. Basin stewards respond to inquiries, coordinate help among diverse public agencies, facilitate watershed improvement projects, provide assistance to monitoring programs, and provide public education. Streams monitoring data Keeping watch for pollution in King County streams. King County water features map This color map includes cities as of April, , lakes, rivers, streams, watersheds and sub-basins. File format is Adobe Acrobat version 3.

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File size is Kb. For more maps, see Natural Resources reference maps. Noxious weed infestations map Interactive map showing location of regulated noxious weed infestations.

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