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But rather, this series is a far more intelligent epic fantasy than many of you may be used to.

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If dark fantasy married epic fantasy and had a child, The Coldfire Trilogy would be that child. This series is pretty damn dark with more than a few aspects from the horror genre tossed into the mix as well. Characters are well drawn and complex -- there are no paper deep characters here, no generic fantasy landscape borrowed from Tolkien. Cold Fire sets itself apart from any other fantasy series out there, both with the novel's unique setting and the cast of characters. The protagonist is also an anti-hero character, which makes the story and plot even more interesting.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. A fantasy tale that people love to love or love to hate -- there is very rarely any middle ground when it comes to Thomas Covenant. My recommendation is that you should read the first series, if only to see what all the damn arguing going on in the comment section is. The series takes a unique view of the classic epic fantasy. Instead of a hero, there's an anti-hero -- one who's pretty damn selfish. The series, if it was left to that, would be too depressing for most people to finish.

But the series is also one about transformation and redemption. Through the Chronicles, you slowly start to see Thomas Covenant move from anti-hero to hero, from selfish bastard to altruistic hero. There are three trilogies about Thomas Covenant. The first is the best, the second nearly as good, and the last The series follows the story of Sabriel and her children as they venture from the New Kingdom the modern world into the mysterious Old Kingdom, a magical world behind a wall bordering the two realities where strange things happen -- the dead haunt that land, magic exists, and evil lurks around every corner.

The series is exciting and chilling at the same time. If you want to feel scared while reading epic fantasy, this series will do it! Especially good is the first book which will just blow your socks off. Read it with the lights turned down when you are by yourself and expect to be scared. Not so much your classic epic fantasy but more of an epic tale of revenge. It's basically the story of a young boy who leads a brutal crusade to regain his throne -- a throne he abandoned when he fled from his home after watching his mother and brother being brutally murdered.

This is one hot fantasy series, a dark, gripping fantasy that has some similarities to K. Parker's works, though set in a more typical fantasy landscape. The Demon War Cycle. This doesn't do anything smart, new, or fancy. But what it does, it does pretty damn well: the story of one man's struggle against a world dominated by demons who terrorize humankind at night. This is a dark epic fantasy with a lot of zing to it.

If you are looking for some GREAT heroic epic fantasy with a lot of action and character building with a pretty cool magic system , The Warded Man delivers this in full force. It's also one of the more exciting and memorizing fantasy reads to come out the past decade or two. The two sequels with the last book the worst failed completely, pretty much destroying what was once one of the most promising fantasy series to come around in a long while. Apparently, Brett saw the thread and it gave him some depression. This is unfortunate, but I hope it spurs the author to fix what he's doing so very wrong.

Should you read this series? On the strength of the first book, yes. But don't keep your hopes up for good reading after the first one -- it's all downhill from there. The Dark is Rising. One of the best YA epic fantasy series. Well-developed characters that are stereotypical but still exhibit a surprising amount of depth. A standard save-the-world plot, but one that still evokes a good deal of pleasure as you watch the characters struggle to save the world.

This one is a lot of fun; I'd even go as far as to say it's one of the most entertaining standard fantasy tales in the genre. Duncan takes the standard fantasy cliche's and makes them his own with some deft plotting, a cast of well-developed characters with complex relationships, one of the more interesting magic systems out there, and a lovable underdog hero you just love rooting for when the odds are stacked against him. This series is written with such earnestness and passion that you can't help but love it.

  1. Space Song (Alysian Universe Series Book 5);
  2. How to Eat Well when you have Cancer (Overcoming Common Problems).
  3. Monks Maze!

If you want some sort of existential tale that celebrates a good man's ability to do bad things rather than a feel good novel about heroes who actually make you feel good about yourself, than don'tread this. But if you want a standard fantasy tale where heroes are actually, well, good and one that rises far above the standard fantasy derivatives out there, read.


Highly recommended. A beautiful and deftly woven fantasy tale that rings strong with a lot of the elements that make Lord of the Rings so captivating. Why might you want to read this? Let's look at a little checklist: A mysterious landscape that's almost poetic. A strong mythos of the world underlying the conversations, references, and history. Magic is mysterious and rare. The world is under threat by some unknown force.

Beautiful, lyrical prose. This three-book series proves you don't need to have ten-thousand page books to tell a proper high fantasy tale. If you love reading epic fantasy with rich history and myth built into the story, complemented by beautiful language, pick this series up. You certainly won't go wrong reading it. Magic is very much a mystery in this series; part of the pleasure of reading this series is the sense of mystery and wonder.

If you want to get lost in mysterious lands on a quest to save the land from an ancient evil, this should be your next series. It's epic fantasy that's got a lot of the familiar themes, but it's damn well written epic fantasy. Another classic fantasy tale that's just pure joy to read. Follow along with Morgan as he seeks to solve the mystery of his birth. Maybe along the way he's save the world and find true love. Classic epic fantasy that's beautifully written. The Death Gate.

However, this massive epic fantasy saga is wholly original. It's massive, ambitious, and well worth the read. I gleefully lost myself for a few weeks in this very addicting saga. If you like the hero-driven, magic-riddled worlds of Robert Jordan, and Raymond E. Feist, then you will probably love the Deathgate Cycle saga.

Epic fantasy has become so cheap it's now at the dime-a-dozen price range. Every author and wannabe-author is trying to pour out epics faster than beer at a Irish pub on St.

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Patrick's Day. It makes for some seriously substandard, watered-down reading. Tad Williams has his own style of epic fantasy; he doesn't copy Jordan, Martin, or even Tolkien. Some of the greater Tolkien elements are there, as are some of the fantasy archetypal characters. But Williams is best when he's writing an epic.

Everything is so finely detailed that it can take a while to get the story rolling -- this is something that some love or hate about a Williams novel. But if you give his works a fair shake and invest some time plowing through the slow pacing of the first few hundred pages, you're treated to something majestic. Shadow March combines some of the elements from A Game of Thrones with the mythos and world building of Tolkien.

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  • There's a vast wall of mist in the very northernmost part of the lands that separates a race of mysterious fairies from humans. There's an emperor in the southern desert lands dreaming of conquering the entire world and mortality itself.

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    There's a kingship dispute, treachery, and invasion. And there is a firm mythos woven into the story threads, giving insight into the world as it used to be eons ago, stories that do connect with the current plot. I really enjoyed how Williams incorporates faeries into the story.

    The series are full of ancient mythology, lost realms, strange magic, and just a whole lot of adventure. And of course, as a Tad Williams novel, there's great characterization and beautiful writing present too. Well worth reading! This is an epic fantasy for those who like to read good fantasy. Williams doesn't always give everything to you right away and you are required to dig into the books a bit before things get moving.