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Love is the only answer and Howard found that out. First, Paul said he was taken to the third heaven. Second, if you study jewish literature, you would realize that this third heaven is the dwelling place of God, withe first meaning simply the sky of Earth, the second being space. Secondly, ther is no purgatory, nor even a need for one. Luke When Jesus ascended to heaven, he took all the righteous dead with him. Psalm , Eph Since then, every believer who dies goes straight to the presence of Jesus.

But there is nothing in the word to indicate the chance of salvation after death. To decide what your eternal relation to God will be; either communion or separation. There is no description of levels in heaven or hell, only degrees of punishment and reward. Please, everyone, make certain your doctrine comes only from the Word. The teaching of men and other books is heresy, and will neither save nor sanctify. Walk the narrow path.

Matt GOD Bless.

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Purgatory exists. And you interpret according to a Protestant mindset. You accept only a 66 book Bible, but you have no biblical basis upon which to do so. Where did you get the idea that the Bible contains only 66 books?

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Chapter and verse, and Bible only, please. Where does the Bible tell us which parts are supposed to be taken literally and which are not? How does a Protestant go about getting married? Where did he get the idea that he has to go before a minister, with a best man and a maid of honor, and pronounce some type of vows? Finally, is infant baptism consistent with Sola Scriptura?


Millions upon millions of Protestants since the Reformation say yes, and millions upon millions of other Protestants say no. And what that means is that millions upon millions of Protestants do not understand their own doctrine of Sola Scriptura, as both sides cannot possibly be right on the issue. It also means that the Holy Ghost does not guide millions upon millions of people who THINK they are guided by Him, as the Holy Ghost cannot guide millions of people to believe and practice something and at the same time guide millions of others to believe and practice its exact opposite.

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Your quote: Since then, every believer who dies goes straight to the presence of Jesus. And, of course, there is the most blatant reference to Purgatory contained in the Book of Macchabees, which has been ruled as canonical by the Catholic Church, which is the same institution that ruled all the books of the New Testament to be canonical:. Rather duplicitous of you to demand something of the Protestant what you yourself can not produce.

Shortly after that little miracles started happening in my life and one day I was standing in my living room and had this thought…. He is just waiting for opportunities to shower His love on people but they have to repent from there sin …. We must be Born Again John to enter the kingdom of God…Jesus did not come to bring religion but to bring us into a relationship with himself…. The Only way to heaven…. Repent and be baptized everyone of you….

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Do you know God today…. Read the Bible and find out while your still alive…. He leads to the fullness of truth. True Man. I know the idea of conversion to the Catholic Church freaks people out. That is because of their ignorance about the teachings. I invite a challenge.

Pray, fast…ask to be shown the Truth…read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Every belief is all in there with Holy Scripture cited. I am now a Bible College Graduate. Sheree- Wow! Glad for you. Men are indeed corruptable, God is not. Divide and conquer seems to have worked wonders to create over 18, different churches worshipping Christ. You bet. Sheree…where do you find any of that in the Bible….

The word of God has the final say so not man……Find out just what Jesus thinks of religion…. Saying you were a Catholic did not make it so! Who, afterall, do you think put the Bible together. Who is the only church given the Holy Spirits protection to interpret correctly? The devil can only pull those away who are Catholic only in name. You must have slept through Mass if you never heard the gospel preached. The one true Church is the body of believers that follow Christ.

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Jesus is more concerned with ones heart than what Church we attend. I was a Catholic for 40 years and never in that time did I hear it either. I began to read the bible from Genesis and all the way through even the Apochrypha. I have heard that there are born again Catholics, but in my experience they are in the vast minority. How can you all the Roman Catholic Church a false church? I hear sermons from the Bible every Sun.

Evidently, the priest you claim to have seen on the beach in a speedo with his lover was tempted by the flesh. No one ever said priests nor anyone else is perfect! That might have been one priest without your consideration of the thousands of faithful priests throughout the world. I pray that you will find your way back to the Roman Catholic Church, but in the meantime, I hope you are happy and feel loved by God.

Can you explain bowing before idols then? The catholic church was NOT the first church created by Jesus. Catholics pray to beings other than GOD and Jesus. Pretty sure that Jesus was against that. Catholics just say that they were formed by Jesus to make themselves seem as if they were important.


Most people leaves the church for futile reasons, or are deceived to leave the house of God by the devil. See the fallen angel is smart, not stupid as some portrayed him, he send his agents to infiltrate the institutions. They betray everybody, then he unveil them, at the right moment, in from of the right people, like the pastor on the beach with speedos or pedo bishops. They are impostors, placed to ruin the faith in the church. Maybe they are not even aware of this, because they are also people. And people can be manipulated easely.